So this is what H&M's name really means


So did you ever wonder why H&M is called as such? I've often wondered about it and thought it had something to do with genders, like "Him and Me?" -- but I really didn't know what the M stands for.

Just recently, people have been talking about the real meaning of the letters "H" and "M". And really, it's nothing like what I originally thought.

A quick history on the brand:

The store originally launched in Sweden in 1947. When it opened, it was just called Hennes. Translating this Swedish word to English, it means "hers". This proved to be a suitable name for the brand since, at the time, it was only selling clothes for women.

Years later, the store purchased another brand called Mauritz Widforss. This brand, strangely, sold hunting and fishing gear. (Women's wear + hunting gear?) But this was 1961, so IDK.

After purchasing the store, Hennes changed its name to Hennes and Mauritz. They then started venturing into kids and menswear.

The name of store, as we know it, didn't come to fruition until 1974; when a massive re-branding happened. The store was renamed as H&M, and that is what it is up to today's time.

Bet you did not see that coming, huh?