Barbie has just announced its most diverse collection to date!

Photo from Mattel

For years, Barbie has made a name for itself in many households throughout the world. But growing up, Barbie always had one look. This also gave young girls a false idea on what the perfect woman should look like.

As the years went on, people started to realize the need to change Barbie's identity. They started introducing different characters to make young girls realize that beauty does not have a standard look.

This movement does not end there and we have more reason to celebrate! Earlier today, Mattel announced that they will be adding more characters to the Barbie Fashionistas collection. This new line includes a total of 40 new dolls with 11 skin tones and 7 body types.

Right now, the new Barbie dolls, along with their accessories, may be purchased on the official Barbie website. The new dolls cost $9.99 each. There's no option to buy all 40 dolls at once but the website does offer bundles consisting of two and three dolls.

In the Philippines, there's no word as to when the new collection will be released and how much they will cost. But today's announcement makes this Barbie collection the most diverse line ever produced. And for women everywhere, it's a big reason to celebrate!