5 Types of dads in the world

Father's Day is coming up in a few days and as usual, the brands have started to showcase their commercials that pull a few heartstrings. See if you can relate to any of these dads:

The Overprotective Dad

Oh we all know this dad-- he won't let us do all the fun things when we were younger, right? Don't go near the stove, don't climb up the stairs, don't stay out too late, or even don't get wet from the rain.

We always wondered why it was okay for him to do these things though. But then as we get older, we realize that everything he's done was for our own good. 

Video: Standard Appliances

The Cool Dad

Ah yes, the cool dad. He's the dad our friends have and we all wish we could have. If you've got a cool dad, you know he's the one who lets us try adventurous stuff and even plays along with it.

Check out this compilation gathered by FailArmy:


The Supportive Dad

He's the dad who'll support you in every triumph and every downfall. He won't give up on you, even if it means he's the only one left to be there for you.

 Video: Manulife Philippines

The Dad Who Never Runs Out of Dad Jokes

He's the dad who'll call you in the middle of the day just to share with you a new knock, knock joke he came up with. Or the one who'll talk to you seriously then let out a joke without you realizing it until it has happened.

Video: Goldilocks

The Tough and Firm Dad

Oh we all know this one. He's the dad who's always supportive of our actions yet never shows emotion. We never know what he's thinking or if he's proud of our achievements because he never shows it. But in reality, he's a softie!

Video: SM Supermalls

Which one of these is your dad?  No matter what, we know our dads are always there for us!

Happy Father's Day, Dads! You rock our world!