Dear Men, Why Only on Valentine's Day?

Dear Men,

Valentine's Day is overrated. We know you agree with us. It's that one day a year when men go out of their way to buy a bouquet of flowers or chocolates to impress the girl they like.

They would then invite the girl for a dinner date, which they meticulously planned for at least a couple of weeks; dressed to the times with a crisp white shirt and a new pair of jeans with your brushed up hair and newly shaved chin. But why do you do it on Valentine's Day?

Don't get me wrong-- as a woman, I enjoy being spoiled by my husband on Valentine's Day with all the fancy schmancy things money can buy. No matter how much I try to say I don't like receiving flowers on Valentine's Day, I still blush at the idea of a fragrant bouquet being carried by my man.

I may not look like it, but deep inside I'm praying that I get surprised that this year's Valentine's Day will be one where my man sweeps me off my feet with a grandiose bouquet of roses and all my favorite chocolates. I've been hoping for it ever since, yet I'm still waiting for that time when all our Valentine's Day plans have already been laid out for me; instead of me having to plan things out.

Yesterday, I got to see a lot of men carrying bouquets and chocolates as they hurried to meet the loves of their lives. My husband actually surprised me with a box of macarons and a card a day before Valentine's so it's not at all that I'm jealous of the sight (although I somehow wished he still had a second surprise planned out).

But as I saw these men walking around me, I kept asking myself: Why only do this on Valentine's Day? Why do you take this day, out of all 364 other days in the calendar, to show how much we ladies mean to you?

I get that it's tradition. I would even understand if it's a milestone, such as your first Valentine's together or your first Valentine's as a married couple.

But what I'm asking is-- why are you doing this year in and year out? Why do you go with the norm and show your love for us when it's a day when you're expected to?

Believe me, Valentine's Day is so overrated-- the prices of gift items are twice as much as they usually are. And on the way to dinner, we get stuck in traffic because everyone else is rushing to make to their reservations.

Oh and yes, the "secret" spot we found for dinner doesn't seem so romantic now, doesn't it? Suddenly, the idea of a home-cooked dinner with a bottle of cheap wine and a parade of Netflix series seems like the better choice.

So why, out of all days, choose to show us your love on Valentine's Day?

Why not surprise us on any random day, a day we're least expecting you to? Why don't you surprise us with a box of chocolates, or even just a bar of chocolate when you get home from work? Why don't you surprise us with a bouquet of flowers, or even just a single stemmed rose when we're down with a cold?

Why don't you leave us simple yet heartwarming notes more often? It can be as simple as a piece of paper handwritten with the words "I love you!" or "I appreciate all that you're doing for me" waiting for us beside our bedside table.

Or even just doing something out of the ordinary, like preparing dinner for us or driving us to work can already make us feel butterflies in our stomach.

These things, little as they may, mean a great deal to us more than they do on that one overrated day. If you continually show us your love with these small things, Valentine's Day will be what it's supposed to-- February 14th or just another day on the calendar.

A Wife Who Hates The Commercialism of Valentine's Day

Photo Source: Pixabay