6 Times Emma Stone's Clothes in La La Land Stole the Scene

Last night, I was able to watch La La Land at the cinema and was left in awe of the movie. I felt like I was the only one who cried at the ending but really, I didn't care. The ending left me torn into pieces. I quickly forced myself to get over the emotions I felt at the time and move on, fearing other people would ridicule me for being too soft about the movie.

But other than how amazing Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were in the movie, I fell in love with Old Hollywood. Most especially, I fell in love with Mia's (Emma Stone) outfits in the movie. So instead of spoiling the movie, I'll just share some of my favorite outfits worn by Mia.

1. This Blue Halter Dress

In this scene, Mia is attending a party with three other women who share the same home as her. The dress looks gorgeous on Emma Stone as it hugs her body in all the right places, showing off her shoulders.

2. This Classic LBD

We saw this little black dress towards the end of the movie in two possible scenarios (spoiler alert). Again, the dress looks amazing on Emma as it highlights her collarbone with the playful strap lying ever so gently on it.

3.  This Flirty Chambray Shirt + Skirt

As captured, Emma can be seen wearing this flirty Chambray shirt and a pink A-line skirt with her black and white brogues; a shoe style she is seen wearing quite a number of times in the movie. This makes her character more relatable to the moviegoer as it reminds us that yes, we can repeat outfits and shoes. The photo was taken by paparazzi as Emma left her trailer to head to the shoot location. In the movie, we see Mia in this outfit as she leaned in to share a kiss with Sebastian (Ryan Gosling).

4. This Emerald Dress with a Sweetheart Neckline

Again, this photo was captured as an outtake from the film. Based on research, it was found that this dress was one of the custom-made dresses by the costume designer, Mary Zophres. In an interview, Zophres explained that the look was inspired by an outfit Judy Garland wore in the 1954 film "A Star is Born." Truly, I think this dress brings out the color of Emma's eyes and fit the nature of the moment. To take a closer look at the dress, here are more photos:

5. This Coral Shirt Dress

I seriously think this dress deserves more exposure than the one it got. I loved this dress and wish I could wear it too. The collar, again, defined Emma's shoulders and the mid-section fit perfectly well with her slender body. Zophres did great here! Did I mention Emma looked awesome in the entire film?

6. This Signature Yellow Dress

Oh look! It's those brogues again! I told you we'd be seeing more of those shoes throughout the movie. This yellow Hibiscus print dress is another creation of Zophres, specifically for Emma in the movie. It is said that the dress was a tribute to one of Emma's favorite red carpet looks. The dress really did a great job and has already gained the attention of the film goers. It's even seen on the movie poster. 

There are plenty of other outfits Emma wore throughout the movie that (as of this writing) still isn't available online. But if you're looking for the iconic pieces, I'd say the ones on this list can inspire you. 

As for the film, I loved it and wish I could watch it all over again. Everyone did an amazing job, especially Emma. She truly showed off her acting and made my heart feel for her in every scene she was in. 

Go on, watch La La Land already!