What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About the Lives of 30 Somethings

My 20s was filled of crazy adventures and enjoyable stories. Now that I'm 30, does that mean I should be boring now? Should I be less fun since I'm already (gulp) old?

If you're turning 30 soon (or you're already in your 30s), this doesn't mean it's the end of being a lively person. It just means that you now know how to live your life better and not go at it one day at a time. Here are some realities about the lives of 30 somethings that you may be able to relate to know:

You actually know what the hell you're talking about.
You know the saying "Fake it till you make it?" Well, you no longer have to fake it. At this point in your life, you actually do know what you're talking about. And often, this gives you the opportunity to train interns or new hires in your office. All that hard work has finally paid off!

You're actually fine with having fewer friends.
No, it's not because you just decided to stay close with a few friends. Life in your 30s means you have less time to deal with drama brought along by toxic people. You actually value the people who have stayed with you through thick and thin and know that they are your true friends.

You don't want to deal with drama.
Going back to the previous point, you already know if someone is going to be too much to handle and avoid putting yourself in that situation. You can identify bad company and know you have nothing to lose if you stay away.

You don't get offended when people say you're starting to look like your mom.
In fact, you greatly appreciate it when people compare you with your parents and say that you're starting to be like them. Not to mention, your relationship with your parents have already gotten stronger and you can relate to how they feel sometimes.

You feel at home in your house.
Particularly if you lived in a dorm during College, being at home feels better all the time. And there are just some days when you prefer to stay home.

Your taste in fashion has toned down.
You can only laugh at yourself when you try to remember that you used to dress just like everybody else when you were in your 20s. You know now that when you shop, you're buying a piece that will be comfortable to wear and not something that will only be trendy. Oh, and bonus points if you can re-wear them and pair them with different items in your closet!

You're all too familiar with "this too shall pass".
You know that when you're in a bad situation, it won't last very long. You've seen it happen before and know that it is a learning opportunity for you to be better in the future.

You worry less about certain things.
You don't let small things affect you and freak you out since you know they're not worth your time or attention.

You can cook a decent meal for yourself.
At this point in your life, you already know how much money you can save when you cook your meals at home instead of eating out all the time. Plus, you may have even found cooking to be therapeutic.

You know how to treat yourself.
And because you know you're saving money by cooking your meals, you also give yourself a break from time to time and go for an enjoyable treat. This is why you savor these treats more.

You've finally saved money for yourself.
And yes, it's still a continuous process.

You can finally laugh at your mistakes.
Your stories often begin with "remember that time when" or "I used to..." These stories were usually the ones that made you want to hide in a hole in the ground. But now, as you relive these stories, you can't help but laugh.

You actually know what you want and what you don't want.
It may have taken you (a lot of) wrong turns but you can actually say that you trust yourself whenever you're being made to choose what you want and don't want.

You value memories you make when you're sober.
While you can enjoy a glass or two of wine, you know that the goal is not to get drunk but to enjoy spending time with your friends or family.

You spend time with family more.
You know they're the ones who will always be with you so you try to make up the lost years with them.

You value life and all its complexities.
You don't take your life for granted. And whenever you experience some tough times, you know there's a silver lining at the end.

What other life lessons have you learned from your 20s and how can you apply it in your 30s?